6 Small Ways You Can Help Planet Earth

6 Small Ways You Can Help Planet Earth

6 Small Ways You Can Help Planet Earth

We should all take care of our planet in whatever way we can. Big or small, everything that you do helps the overall world stay cleaner and safer. But, this is easier said than done and with all of the overwhelming advice available online, we have curated 6 small and easy ways you can start to take care of Mother Earth. Keeping her safe lets us stay safe too. 


  1. Lessen intake of meat


While becoming vegan or vegetarian is the best option, for some getting rid of meat altogether is too difficult for a plethora of reasons. So instead of feeling guilty for something that can’t be controlled why not just lessen your existing intake of meat? Instead of eating meat everyday, try 3 times a week. If everyone decreased their consumption of meat even a little, we can lessen damage to our environment because as EPA states that “about 24 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are from agriculture or the cultivation of crops and livestock.”  

  1. Recycle


You know the drill! We’ve been taught this all through school, but how many of us actually sort through our rubbish everyday? Something as simple as sorting out the recycling pile can help decrease amounts of landfill, which will definitely help our environment. So make sure to check what you can or can’t recycle, because it’s not just paper - try out this link


  1. Minimalism 


The trend that’s here to stay. Buy less and buy things that you know you’ll really love. This in turn will create less landfill because you won’t be throwing away as much. So this is the time to invest in that Chanel bag - it’ll definitely last a while!


  1. Buy Reusable 


Goodbye to those one time use straws, bottles etc and welcome to reusable ones. You can buy a super cute bottle with glass straws - stylish and sustainable. We love that for you, and highly recommend you purchase more reusable equipment. 


  1. Compost


All of that food waste that you’d throw away anyway, can be used as fabulous plant food! You can do this indoors or outdoors, and this really helps decrease more rubbish being made as it’s just being recycled for plants and produce to flourish! 


  1. Research


Try to find out more about how you can help sustain your community’s environment. Stay informed about local produce and keep trying to expand your knowledge. We know you love cruising on insta, so make sure to follow some pages that focus on making the environment safer.