All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up

Here are Fortunate One, we are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint and waste in any way we can. As the festive season rolls around, we wanted to consider our Christmas wastage and what we could do to minimuse our impact on the environment. With 108 million metres of gift wrap thrown away every year in the UK alone, a simple gift can contribute to our already prevalent impact to mother nature. 

Thus, this year we decided to wrap our gifts a little differently...

At Fortunate One HQ, we did a little DIY workshop with pre-used, recyclable tissue paper and we encouage you to do the same this a little change can help in a big way.



What you will need:

Pre-used recyclable tissue paper 
Raffia, string or ribbon
Dried flowers and leaves
Trinkets (feathers, bells, shells, whatever you can find!)
Sticky tape

 What to do:

Step 1: Collect materials – please see above.

Step 2: Cut paper to the size of your gift.

Step 3: With your tissue paper being pre-used, it may have slight creases and textures in certain areas. We suggest making the whole sheet the same texture.

Step 4 (option): To create a variation within your gifts, you can use different papers and wrap to decorate your gifts. Simply fold the paper into a long panel around the gift and secure with tape.

Step 5: Secure your gift with raffia, string or ribbon to create an earthy and rustic aesthetic to your gift.

Step 6: Adorned your gifts with selected treasures, trinkets and greenery.

Step 7: Place them under the tree, ready to be shared with the ones you love!