A TALE OF TWO CITIES: London & Paris

A TALE OF TWO CITIES: London & Paris

A TALE OF TWO CITIES: London & Paris

G.K. Chesterton once remarked, "London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation" and we think no better sentiment encapsulates the confusion England’s capital continues to create while Paris charms everyone who enters its borders and captures the imaginations of those who long to visit.

What gives London its sense of mystery and Paris its easy openness? Does it depend on the person visiting and how well they navigate these cities or do these cities radiate these vibes to everyone?

This is London and Paris through our lens.


To give you the full context of Chesterton’s statement, he had said a sentence earlier “London is far more difficult to see properly than any other place.” This is because London is an enigma. It has an old school charm it can’t, and will never, seem to shake and that’s part of its appeal. We don’t think we’ll ever understand London because it seems like it’ll never understand itself. We’re content with that. This city is a contradiction - it’s steeped in tradition but is also at the forefront of fashion, music and technology. It’s humour is misunderstood, it’s people diverse and its faith in its traditions unwavering. We adore this city for its heritage, its culture and all the gems it continues to provide and that’s why we will always answer London’s call.


The city of light, love and the most mouthwatering pastries you’ll ever have the pleasure of indulging in. There’s a reason why they say “Paris is always a good idea”. It’s a place creatives flock to to find inspiration and where everything feels effortless and untamed. Unlike London, Paris’ charm comes from its break from tradition. There are no monarchs, lords and ladies, only the palaces that used to house them. Everything is new or serves a new purpose. We once visited this city to unlock the romantic within us and quickly fell in love with its Catacombs, the banks of the Seine and Maché d’alegre.


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