Bali with Maria

Bali with Maria

Bali with Maria

There’s a reason why thousands flock to Bali each year with wide-eyed wonder. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s because of the sun soaking weather, the palatial rental villas and the lush greenery scattered around the country. Our very own customer service guru and free spirit, Maria, recently returned from a tranquil trip to the Indonesian island and shared some sweet snaps with us.


 No trip to Bali is complete without a visit to one of the most enchanting interior stores in the world, Kim Soo Home.


 Rice fields as far as the eye can see!


 Incredible balcony views in Ubud.



 Poolside bliss.


Maria brought a little piece of Fortunate One to Bali!


Birds gathered by a watering hole. 



 Magnificent views from the Bali swing.



Maria’s favourite places in Bali


Kim Soo Home – filled with dreamy interiors and good vibes

Potato Head Beach Club – A dimly lit space with delicious treats

Rock Bar Bali – The perfect place to watch the sunset with a brew in hand

Ubud – Filled with terraced ride paddies, temples and shrines