Boho babe: Erin Wasson

Boho babe: Erin Wasson

Boho babe: Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson’s not your average bohemian babe, and if she was, we wouldn’t be writing about her. Wasson’s a bit of an enigma. She’s a supermodel turned designer turned actress turned socialite. She's best friends with Alexander Wang, decorates her houses with thrifty finds and she probably has more tattoos than Beckham, and believe us, that’s no small feat. This Texan beauty first stepped onto the scene and into our hearts in the early 2000's and no matter how big her name gets, she always stays true to herself and her bohemian rockstar aesthetic.

Here's EW's take on boho.  




We're all for matching colourful and quirky pieces and seeing EW looking cozy in two prints has given us cold weather festival outfit inspiration.   



EW’s house is decorated with colourful trinkets and there’s no shortage of things to see and touch. Her space is full of things that shouldn’t work but do, including mismatched patterns in one space and differently sized ceramics in another. 



A Western inspired outfit that we're sure the emulate. Distressed denim is really on trend and studded shirts add a sweet nostalgic touch to any casual look. 



Worn leather coaches, soft rugs and wooden coffee tables... We’re obsessed with all the textures in this space! Not only does her house look like an art gallery or something out of a 20th century novel, it looks like everything has a place and a story and we’d happily sit down and hear them all. 


After getting a glimpse of EW's house and closet, we've come to the conclusion that she's a dreamer. She walks to a different beat than the rest of us and sees beauty where others don't. She's the embodiment of the phrase 'not all who wander are lost' and she reminds us that there's art in everything.