Catching flights with @XKFLYAWAY

Catching flights with @XKFLYAWAY

Catching flights with @XKFLYAWAY

We often associate wandering as a solitary venture, something we do alone in search of ourselves and a greater understanding of the world around us. Xavier and Katie Ritzi prove that travelling can be as fulfilling with others as it is alone. There’s a lot you can find out about a person when you’re stranded at an airport in the middle of the night or when you’re lost in a crowded market place without any sense of direction. Get inspired by Xavier and Katie’s travels and learn some tips for your next trip by reading our interview below.  


How did you two fall in love with travelling? 

A year after we met, I left the U.S to be with Xavier in Switzerland. We loved traveling around during the beginning of our relationship-- I remember he officially called me his "girlfriend" on our first road trip to Italy. Since then we kept traveling to keep the romance going. 

How many countries have you visited together? 

Since we've met, we been to 31 countries.


What have you learnt from travelling together?

We learned to be more patient and understanding with each other. Traveling can get stressful at times, so we try to be aware of how we talk to eachother.


What’s the best street food you’ve ever eaten? 

In Siem Reap they had the best grilled chicken and spicy noodles near the big fruit market downtown. It was so good that we even returned to that same vendor 4 nights in a row.

(Katie wears our Ring Of Fire Dress and Clover Maxi Dress in Blue)


Which country has the best weather?

The weather in Greece was perfect when we were there this summer. But I haven't been in winter so I'm not sure. I hear it's nice!

 Window or aisle seat?

Window seat, but only when it's a shorter daytime flight. It gets pretty cold at the window during long night time flights.


Name your top three favourite airports.  

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and definitely Doha Airport in Qatar


What do you miss most about your routine at home when you’re traveling? 

I miss our bed, my animals, and American reality T.V shows 


What do you miss most about your travel routine when you’re at home? 

We have been traveling full time since last January so we haven't been home yet, but I know I would miss every minute of being on the road.


What was the last city you visited and where will your travels take you next? 

The last city we visited was in El Nido, Philippines. We absolutely loved it! Our next destination is Koh Rong, an island in Cambodia. 



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