Clean For The New Year

Clean For The New Year

Clean For The New Year

We’ve entered the faithful month of December, it’s been a long year full of ups, downs and a hundred moments in between. We hope that next year is full of new opportunities, happy moments and new risks to take! To get ready for the year ahead we highly recommend cleansing your house and ridding yourself of any negative energy that may remain from this year. Have a read of this article and clean your house from the inside out. 

Cleanse Your Soul

Burn sage around your house to rid of any surface-level bad energy.

Make a mind release list in bullet form - this should include all of the anxieties that you have on your mind for the end or beginning of this changing period. Read aloud, or in your head, each dot point and end it with ‘I release you’. Then rip up the list, leave your worries behind and open yourself up for more positive energy. 

Meditate and realign yourself with your safe space. Be connected to your home in every way. 

Clean Your Physical Space

Time to clean your house and make it a less anxious place, put on your favourite playlist and put aside an entire day to deep clean your home. 
Dispose of clutter and donate anything you don’t need, use or want.
Light some incense for your house. 
Bring in more plants and flowers to have more fresh air in your home. 
And of course, create resolutions for the year ahead and hang these in your room.
Make a promise to yourself to fulfil these wishes, because we should be improving and growing every year❤️