Creating Spaces with @powwowpartiesandglamping

Creating Spaces with @powwowpartiesandglamping

Creating Spaces with @powwowpartiesandglamping

It’s not every day that we come across people and places that encapsulate the Fortunate One vibe. We stumbled on @powwowpartiesandglamping during our daily Instagram perusal and were lucky enough to strike up a friendship with the owner, Rachel. We were even luckier still for Rachel to cultivate the space for our latest collection, Moondance. Sit in with us as we discuss creating spaces, textures and travels with the darling Rachel from @powwowpartiesandglamping.


What first drew you to the bohemian aesthetic? 

It’s carefree and comfortable. Somehow the most extravagant, crazy, hand stitched, beaded, tribal patterned cushion with hours of work put into it turns out to have such a chilled out vibe just thrown into place. But mostly I love it because it’s warming and welcoming for guests and people just seem to relax into a bohemian styled space. I did loads of traveling after high school that opened my eyes to different cultures, art and handicrafts and that’s where my collecting started.


Describe your dream space.  

My dream space would be a combo of the colour and atmosphere from a Goan hippy night market, the calmness of a Balinese day spa with details and greenery from a Moroccan courtyard... ha ha tricky to execute!


What influences your styling choices?  

When I set up for a party, picnic or glamping weekend I always have the guests in mind. I want them to get taken away for a while. I add lots of colourful rugs and low seating so they can kick back and have DandM’s.


Who are some of your muses? 

Frida Kahlo for her courage, confidence and colour. Stevie Nicks because she’s the gypsy queen of rock and roll and can do no wrong. I look up to anyone successfully doing their own unique thing just the way they want.


What do you love most about what you do?

It’s a creative outlet for me. My styling is often quite different for people and at times people are blown away and I love seeing my clients so happy.


What’s your favourite celebration to be a part of? 

 I’m loving doing backyard festival themed birthday parties. Most of the time it’s for 14-17 year olds who are too old for a Macca's parties but not old enough to head out dancing. It’s just so much fun for them and they really get into it.

 What is your favourite piece of decor? 

It’s gotta be my Moroccan floor cushions. They are all so unique as they are made from old hand loomed rugs up cycled into seating. I have never seen two the same! They instantly set the mood for and epic party or romantic lay under the stars.


Which piece of decor has the most interesting story?

I have some really cool antique Indian tables. A few of them were used as flour grinding “Chakki” tables back in the day. I fill them to the brim with yummy finger food and flowers. They have gorgeous hand carved patterns around the sides and make a real point of difference in the grazing platter game!


What are your top 5 tips for decorating? 

I think the best tip is there are no rules, so just go for it! If you think it looks good that’s what really matters. Oh and always take 1 cushion away... seems to work wonders ;)