Destination: Greece

Destination: Greece

Destination: Greece

We know that everyone currently is creating their travel bucket list, and we hope that you add the wonderful country of Greece to that list! Have a read and take a beautiful walk through this amazing country with us.


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When anyone says Greece, what do you envision? Whitewashed houses, light blue churches with domed roofs and beautifully vivid colours. Yep, that’s Oia! A must-have on your list of travel destinations. Talk a long walk around Oia, because the city (not the out-skirts) is quite walking based! Which you’ll understand why once you’re there, it’s too good to not take your time and breathe in every corner of the place. Enjoy the hustle and bustle, whilst experiencing the rich culture the land has to offer. Make sure to pack your fave pair of sandals, and be prepared for the amazingly warm weather. Once you experience those Insta snaps IRL, you’ll never want to leave.




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This is a volcanic island which is made up of beautiful sceneries, and amazing history. Sounds stunning, and we swear that this island is more beautiful than it sounds. While you’re in Milos make sure to spend the day at one, or all, of the amazing beaches; Sarkiniko, Tsigrado, Firiplaka, Papafragas, Firapotomos. If beaches aren’t your vibe, we recommend checking out Kleftiko Caves, where you can hire a boat and drift around on the vivid and beautiful blue seas. Make sure to also take a glance at all of the beautiful castles and historical places that still exist. And you definitely can’t miss out on watching the beautiful sunset. With all of the open skies, the experience will be unforgettable - that we can guarantee! 



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Are you more of a high-maintenance kinda gal? No fear, Mykonos is here. Try out the amazingly LUXE resorts, hotels, restaurants and join in the lit party scene. As we all can attest, what’s a better form of escapism than partying until the sun comes out? Dubbed the Ibiza of Greece, you’ll be bopping all day and night long. Talk long beautiful walks on one of the MANY beaches that are on this island. Make sure to also check out some of the oldest structures in Mykonos - the Kato Myli Windmills, Panagia Paraportiani Church (beautifully white all over) and of course the ancient ruins of Delos. We love a place where you can party and indulge in rich history.




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The last rec we have is the LARGEST island in all of Greece. We DEFS saved the biggest for last. Vividly colourful, with the amazingly true-to-Greece architecture that adorns the land - you’ll have enough snaps to last for years! Remember to check out the local museums, the atmospheric harbour of Chania that has a magnificent lighthouse, hike the stunning trails and kick it back on the white sands of Elafonisi. Greece is THE land of aesthetics and culture, and definitely a very refreshing retreat.