Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Welcome to the month where embracing your femininity is the highest priority, and we want to help everyone get in more tune with their energies this month. To do so, we recommend looking inward first - find what gives you energy, inspires you, brings you happiness and understand yourself better. We hope after this soul searching you stop holding yourself back, truly enjoy what you’re doing in your life and be content with yourself. 

These are the ways you can embrace your purely feminine energy;

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

You are a powerful woman with a strong voice. Never let those around you deter you from speaking your truth, just remember that you too have your own opinions and ideas - they all deserve to be heard and respected. 

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Independence is a wonderful trait and in order to be truly able to navigate life on your own, you need to be able to let your guard down occasionally to ask your loved ones for assistance. Humans thrive off group interaction, so don’t think that asking for help is a sign of weakness because it actually makes you stronger in the process. 

Express Yourself

Whether that’s by rejecting every patriarchal version of a woman (find your own style and own it!), or if that’s by expressing yourself creatively such as; writing, painting, singing, computer programming. Experiment with different outlets and find what works for you. 

Create A Routine

Make sure you have your morning and nighttime rituals prepared so that you feel more grounded in your world. We also recommend integrating things like journaling, mindfulness, meditating so that you can reflect on yourself daily. Growth should be a daily task. 

Reclaim Your Worth

Reject constantly finding validation from the men around you, and focus on pleasing yourself. Find your own way of defining beauty and make sure you are your standard. Loving yourself is one of the strongest ways to rebel against the norms and reclaim your feminine energy. 

Reconnect To Yourself + The World Around You

Maintain a level of well-being in your life all the time, because retaining your physical and mental health is essential to your overall health. Listen to what your body is saying and be sure to find what works for you like a self-care routine or maybe a gym workout. Connect your mind, body and soul by also interacting with nature. Soak in a hot bath, light candles, talk a walk,, garden - make sure you indulge in the elements that surround us to create a sense of balance in your energy.