FO Picks: Vol. 1

FO Picks: Vol. 1

FO Picks: Vol. 1

What does the word 'create' mean to you?

To us, it means to bring forth concepts and ideas that were once trapped in our mind’s eye into the light. It is to give life to ideas, feelings and moments. Michelangelo once said this of his statue of David, "I saw an angel in marble stone and carved until I set him free" and all artists regardless of their mediums seek to do the same. We've recently come across some artists on Instagram that we'd love to share with you. We hope they captivate you as much as they've captivated us. 

We're not known for our minimalism and our love for colour and whimsical prints is no secret so it'd be a surprise for many that one of our new favourite artists is a self-proclaimed minimalist. Alexis Nelly is an Italian minimalist whose art is centered on photography, video and perfomance art. Her photography has been featured by Vogue Italia and her Instagram feed is a blend of black and white photographs, soft neutrals and non-traditional self-portraits. 

Inès Longevial is a French painter based in Paris whose work fuses two of our favourite themes: femininity and nature. What we love most about her work is her mosaic-like use of colour and her depiction of the human form. You can see some of her work here and she's currently exhibiting in Toulouse.

I first came across Tana Latorre’s work through her long-term collaboration with Paloma Wool, an artist from Barcelona. Everyone at Fortunate One is currently captivated by her tributes to Matisse - Matisse-esque paintings of the female form in blue and black paint. Her work features clean lines and evokes a sense of fluidity and calmness that we’re always in search of.

Lily Nicholson’s feed features neutral shades, the beach and dreamy interiors. We’ve only recently come across her work but we’re already enchanted. Her work brings the word ‘soft’ to the forefront of our minds and we can’t wait to see more of her work.