Getting Ready To Go Out

Getting Ready To Go Out

Getting Ready To Go Out

Now that the world is finally beginning to open up, it’s time for us to leave the safety of our homes. We know that after staying in your home for so long, it can sometimes be quite stressful to encounter the outside world again. Don’t be too hard on yourself, because we can assure you that many people feel the exact same way! So we thought we would provide some tips to help speed up this process.

Socialising Is Good!

It’s been a while since you’ve seen anyone (that doesn’t live at home) and we think you need a breath of fresh air. Although we also know that going back out so suddenly can be a bit scary, but just remember that socialising is a good thing and hanging out with your besties is a necessity. Just take it slow, talk it out with them and meet them in the real world instead of on the Zoom screen.

Walk Slowly

We know that you and your mates are just waiting for all of your favourite places to open up. But we do suggest that you don’t fill your schedule with too many plans because that may stress you out completely! Ease into your new social routine, there’s no rush. Be sure to openly communicate with your friends and plan your events together to leave ample time in between for some mental rest and recovery.

Relax On Your Time

After not going out for a long while, it’s important to take care of your mental health whenever you are home. Go into your bedroom, write your feelings in your journal and read a book or, if you’re more into the outside world, go on a peaceful stroll in the neighbourhood to empty your mind. We highly recommend engaging in some mindfulness exercises to truly relax your mind and soul.