Gypsy Travel Essentials

Gypsy Travel Essentials

Gypsy Travel Essentials

The lead up to any vacation is always a thrill - from piecing together your itinerary, to researching about food, culture and all the local offerings of your new destination. In the midst of all the excitement, sometimes packing can feel like a chore and the last thing you'd want to do to in preparation for your trip. That's why we've put together our top travel essentials and tips to ensure an easy breezy travel for your next tropical holiday!

1. Sunscreen

Hands down, this is probably the most important essential. As much as we love basking in the sunshine and developing our golden glow in crystal clear waters, the sun's rays can still be harmful and prevention is key! Remember to pack some SPF and apply every morning before embarking on your next adventure - your future self will thank you!

2. A Good Read

Travelling often encompasses a lot of waiting, and there's no better way to pass time whilst waiting for transport than to lose yourself in a good book. Plus, is there any feeling greater than relaxing by the beach with a cocktail in one hand and a good read in the other?

3. Waterproof Cases

We're all about collecting memories and leaving only footprints. Having a waterproof case whilst you're out and about or island hopping will protect your devices to ensure you'll still be able to contact your loved ones and take photographs that will last you a lifetime.

5. Portable Everything!

Whether this is a portable charging hub or travel-sized toiletries, it's always a good idea to pack reasonably sized essentials so that they're convenient to pack and easy to transport.

6. Water bottle

Hydration is key! When you're on a tropical adventure, it's always easy to get caught up in drinking fresh juices or cocktails. But whilst you're working on your sun-kissed glow, your body will crave some H2O. Slipping a water bottle into your tote bag everyday will remind you, and make it easier for you to stay hydrated.

7. Remember, less is more

This one speaks for itself. If you're anything like us, sometimes you'll want to pack all of your cutest outfits, accessories and beauty products! However, always ask yourself if you really need to bring everything. By packing light with only your key essentials, you'll find it easier to transport your baggage, whilst also making extra room for any souvenirs or gifts you plan to bring home!