Happy Home Happy Soul

Happy Home Happy Soul

Happy Home Happy Soul

More than ever, we have become extremely connected with our beautiful homes. It’s the place where one rests, recovers and replenishes their energy. Your home is your sanctuary and so, it is crucial to ensure that your special safe space is cleansed in every way. 

Cleaning and keeping your home aesthetically pleasing is, of course, a part of keeping it your special space but in order to ensure that it helps your overall spiritual and mental health - we recommend trying the art of cleansing. This refers to the act of removing negative and unwanted energy from your place to create a brighter, happier and more creative space for you!

Have Clear Intentions 

What do you want your home to represent? A safe and creative space where you can truly be yourself right? Make sure to manifest these thoughts out loud and set these ideas in motion. Some examples of what to say are “my intention is to cleanse the negative energy from my home” or “my intention is to no longer feel burdened by external pressures in my home."

Burn Dried Herbs Or Incense 

We’re sure you’ve seen people burn sage or incense in their house - and it’s for good reason. Burning dried herbs and incense assist in clearing negative energy some good ones are; cedar for decluttering, rosemary for new beginnings, mugwort for dreamy nights and juniper for comfort. 

The best way to burn dried herbs is to place them in a fire-safe container and to light it until you see a flame, quickly burn it out and then fan the embers in every corner of your house. Please do not do this if you have breathing problems or are sensitive to smoke. 


Time to invest in some crystals, which are known to put your body and mind at ease with the assistance of natural elements found in nature. To make the process of choosing which ones are best for you right now easier, have a read of our article. They look beautiful and they help you internally - what could be better?

Plants Galore

Our planet is full of nature, and so it makes sense that keeping plants in your home helps balance the overall vibes.  Having plants surround you all the time will uplift your mood instantly, and you’ll be feeling a lot better because it helps purify the air. Have a read of this article to start your plant journey.