How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

Here at Fortunate One, we love the holiday season! However, amongst the busy period that is Christmas, it is
hard to slow down long enough to get into the spirit of things before it's been and gone!

Keep reading to see some of our tips to not miss out and get into the Christmas spirit:

Get some Christmas PJs
Nothing makes you feel more like a kid on Christmas morning than wearing some matching
seasonal PJs with your siblings or even your soulmates!

 Getting back into the kitchen
The smell of Christmas biscuits or even a gingerbread house baking in the oven is such a
nostalgic, and very delicious, way to feel the spirit of Christmas! Share them with your family and
friends, or even keep them all for yourself!

 Play some Christmas music
Sitting down with a mug of hot chocolate and putting on some Christmas carols is a sure fire way
to get you in the holiday mood! Whether its Michael Buble or Mariah Carey, you can't go wrong with
some musical Christmas merriment.

 Watch some Christmas movies
What could be better than sitting down with family and friends and watching some Christmas
classics! Movies like The Grinch, The Polar Express and Elf, just to name a few, are all great
Christmas classics and are sure to get you feeling festive!

 Write Christmas cards
Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos of everyday life and we forget to pause and reflect on
what we are thankful for. The holidays is a perfect time to do so! Writing Christmas cards to the
people that mean the most to you is a wonderful way to not only get into the spirit of things but it
will also bring your loved ones so much joy to read a handwritten card by you this Christmas.

Go Christmas light looking
Stuck for something to do that's fun for the whole family leading up to Christmas? Taking a walk
around your local neighbourhoods to see the pretty Christmas lights is a staple activity for
Christmas lovers and will have you feeling joyous.

Give back
It's important at this time of year to be thankful but also to think about others, and what could get
you into the season of giving more than giving back to those in need. Donating to charities,
volunteering your time to others, making meals for the homeless and visiting those who need some
Christmas cheer the most are all amazing ways to give back and feel festive!

We hope this list will give you some inspiration!

However you decide to spend your Christmas we hope it's full of light, peace and love. 

Merry Christmas Angels xx