How To Start The Morning Right

How To Start The Morning Right

How To Start The Morning Right

Having a good morning is a great way to have an amazing day. The tone that you set from the morning, is the path you’ll continue until the sunsets. We have provided 5 ways to commence the day right!


Wake Up At The Same Time Everyday


Pick a time and stick to it! This will actually sort out your sleep schedule too because your body loves and NEEDS a routine. So while this will be difficult in the beginning, keep strong and just see how much happier you’ll become.  


Eat A Nutritious And Good Breakfast


Eat a light lunch if you need to, but try to eat more at breakfast time so that you have the energy to get through the day! We have some amazing breakfast ideas so make sure to check out this blog. Remember to have some fruit, protein, your vitamins and of course a cup of coffee! 


Yoga & Meditation


Keep your body and mind in sync with each other. A great way to do this is to do some simple yoga poses in the morning such as this video and be sure to embark on some quick meditation exercises. These can be easily found on YouTube, we highly recommend mindfulness ones as they really help to sustain good mental health. 

Journal Entries


Write down about the day before, and make sure to note down how you felt yesterday + how you feel today. Sometimes we wake up a bit sadder than usual, which is okay but it is good to see if any pattern emerges so that we can combat that. And writing your emotions down is a great way to start the morning off light + fresh.


Getting Ready 


Get ready for the day! Put on makeup, style your hair - whatever makes you feel alive and ready for the day ahead. You may not be leaving the house but it is important to do things for yourself. Self satisfaction is the MOST important thing.