Interview With Charlie de Haas

Interview With Charlie de Haas

Interview With Charlie de Haas

Some people are born with a spark in their eye, a fire in their heart and an unquenchable thirst to learn and create something magical. They leave us awe-struck and amazed that we fell into their orbit. This is how we feel about Charlie de Haas, an entrepreneur, dreamer and the owner of our new favourite Sydney haunt, the Clean Treats Factory. We had the chance to speak to Charlie about wellness, work and she even shared some wise words of wisdom.



What do you enjoy most about working in the wellness industry? 

The way people light up about their passion and then being able to collaborate with those people who really care about what they do... this to me is making magic, and really creating change.  


What inspires your delicious creations?

Perhaps my personal wants ;) Also we use our connections to our customers to understand their needs and wants. We highly value feedback and take time to listen.  


What motivates you to stay healthy?

Knowing that if I really want to live this dream life, I need to ensure I'm healthy in all areas; the food I eat, the thoughts I think and the way I honour my body to be able to perform, not only in a physical sense, but for my mind and soul and to also be able to manage the long hours)


What three words would you use to describe the Clean Treats Factory?

Real, Energy, Love. 

(vibes, education, food, passion... soon many more words!)


What does a typical day look like for you? 

5am alarm, f45 training at f45 Rosebery (the bestttt studio ever!), 7.30am at the office, coffee and prepare for my day. 9am huddles and daily plans, emails. Then meetings with the team or in the space... perhaps some late morning turmeric pancakes for breakfast and then later a Nourish bowl for lunch. Meetings range from manufacturing, to events, to marketing and sales. After work, a walk or a 5km run. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

'There's no such words as 'can't''. Said to me my by Opa when I was about 8 years old as I was driving the tractor into the hedge, screaming I can't! 


If you could throw a dinner party and invite 5 famous people, dead or alive, who would you invite, what would you make them and why?

Oprah.. #inspo for everything! Mother Theresa... because wow, always inspiration to be kind and be a good human. 

Channing tatum... because why wouldn't you? 

Barack Obama, for both his way of living and business mind. 

Richard Branson, for everything he has done and achieved. 


What inspired you to cultivate such a charming and rustic space?

Clean Treats is 3.5 years old, approx 2.5 years ago I wrote a business plan. On that business plan was an image of the exact building we are in now, and doing everything I wrote it would be. 

The design... just worked. I often say Im the queen of no style, so I was anxious about how the space would be received, as we have tried to utilise my day spa background, create a vibe and the right energy and connection with the food. 

But apparently; everyone loves it... which I'm so so grateful for, and my statement 'f#*k yeah coffee'... seems to be a common feeling ;)


What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

Know your why. When you're tired, don't quit. Rest. Know when to hustle, and know when to breathe. 


Know yourself. 


Know when to learn, know when to ask for help, and know when to step up. 


Appreciate the hits, because they are opportunities to grow. As long as you always one back to your why, and can connect with it, your passion and your purpose... everything will always be ok. 


And take time...sometimes we 'hustle' and want everything now... that's ok sometimes, but sometimes some decisions need space and thought for direction and strategic thinking.  



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