Interview With Our Photographer - Jac

Interview With Our Photographer - Jac

Interview With Our Photographer - Jac

We are very thankful to our Fortunate One team who ensure that everything from conception to production is taken care of amazingly everyday! And today we decided to highlight Jac (@jacgiltrow), our amazing photographer who has worked with us since 2019. We’re sure you’ve seen her gorgeous shots that take centre stage on our website, showcasing the true beauty of our stunning pieces. She is an amazing artist who brings together the most beautiful shoots, and exudes our carefree spirit as well as our love for travel through every photo she takes. Get to know Jac a bit more by having a read of this interview.

Describe yourself in one sentence

A forever optimist in love with life's little details.

How do you feed your creative spirit?

Music and platforms like Pinterest definitely play a big role. But honestly I find it comes from a lot of daily things, your neighbourhood, street style etc. Keeping your eyes open to what's around you, the details. Beauty is literally all around- I know it sounds cliché, but if you are open to it there's moments, stories and inspiration literally everywhere. 

Who or what is your biggest muse?

Travel without a doubt! Natural beauty, architecture, local fashion and food- it's all such a wonderful inspiration.  Even the conversations you have with the people you meet along the way are inspiring. Hearing someone else's story, their perspective and thoughts organically opens you as well I think to so many possibilities and paths. 

Where is your favourite place? Could be a country, special location etc.

Always and forever Positano Italy. It was love at first sight and will always be my most favourite place in the world. It's visually stunning for sure but I have the most wonderful community there. It's the people that make it the most special place for me. I feel my most self and my most at home in Positano. 

How do you stay centred in your busy life? 

This is honestly something I work on everyday.  I'm super conscious with how I spend my time and what works best for me both mentally and physically to keep me feeling healthy and centred. I start my days slow, always with a focus on meditation, journaling and some form of exercise.  I don't check emails or social media until I've set my own intentions for the day.  On shoot days this may mean I have to get up quite early in order to have the time I need to set myself up for the day, but it's always worth it. I'm at my best creatively when I have taken the time to express gratitude, meditate and move my body. 

On days off, how do you unwind? 

Days off are spent by the ocean wherever possible. Salty swims and soaking up as much vitamin d as possible is my favourite way to spend my down time.  A little rosé at sunset doesn't hurt either. 

What’s the next step for you?

Next up is Euro Summer. I'm excited to be heading back to Europe for the summer and create some more beautiful stories. Morocco is also on the destination list this year which is super exciting. 

Any advice for aspiring creatives out there?

Just start, just create. Even if you have no idea what you are doing, what you want to create etc just start. I think you only find your flow by trying as many different paths as possible to see what works for you. The beautiful thing about art is there really are no rules, there's no right or wrong just your story.  I think a lot of creatives have moments of uncertainty, where you question the quality and relevance of your work- I certainly do. I'm not sure those feelings ever go away, but I can tell you if you love what you do you push through, you keep going..and that's where the magic is.