Is Aromatherapy For You?

Is Aromatherapy For You?

Is Aromatherapy For You?

Need something to help you heal from the inside out? Give aromatherapy a try today - a practice that has been in use since ancient times in China, India and Egypt - and every other society that promotes use of natural substances. Something with this much history deserves a try! It’s a holistic healing treatment that utilises oils extracted from plants to stimulate a healthy way of living and being. This practice uses essential oils to improve and enhance the health of the body, mind and spirit. Just like how scented candles are an essential for your self-care days - you’ll find yourself using these essential oils on the daily!


Help to manage your physical pain
Improve quality of sleep
Lessen stress and anxiety
Assist with headaches
Boost immunity
Improve digestion
Consult with a doctor beforehand, as these oils should NOT be used to heal ailments or illnesses.

How Does It Work?

Aromatherapy functions by being able to be soaked into your skin or smelt, so some of the best ways to achieve this are;
Body oils, creams - any topical application
Facial compressors
Clay masks
Ensure that the oils you purchase are 100% natural and do not contain any unwanted surprises such as additives or synthetic ingredients. 

 Which Oil Is Good For Me? 

There are over 90 types of essential oils, which each have indicated benefits and uses, but to lessen the overwhelming stress of choosing we recommend starting with these 10 basics. 

Heighten your energy and help with digestion
Lessen Stress
Calm yourself and become more focused
Helps ease skin irritation and reduces stress
Uplift your mood and lessen anxiety
Improve your overall mood and relax easier
Alleviate the pain of headaches and nausea
Tea Tree
Helps with pimples, infections and immunity
Will help calm your mind
Assists with digestion, mood and headaches