Journaling: Why You Should Start

Journaling: Why You Should Start

Journaling: Why You Should Start

Keeping your mind and body in sync is crucial to your overall well being. Yoga and meditation are great ways to achieve this, but there are also other options such as journaling. Journaling is a great way to write down your emotions, future goals and anything else that you want to! And another bonus, you can read it again in 10 years and rediscover who you were. While journaling is a great way to relieve your mind, we also know it can be a bit daunting to start. So we have created an easy guide for you. Happy journaling!

Buy A Journal

So to write one, you need something to write in (duh!) so we have some options for you! Some things you need to think about while buying a journal;
Does it have enough or too many pages?
Do I want it lined or dotted?
Hardcover or softcover?



Fountain pens are by far the best!
Or a smooth inky pen works too
And don’t be scared to purchase some washi tape, Etsy stickers - personalise your journal!

Decide What Purpose Or Purposes It Will Serve

So a popular one is the scrapbook sort of format that we’re sure you’ve seen on TikTok, another option would be one more similar to a diary or something that will help track your well being (sleep, periods etc.). It’s all up to you!

Starting Your Journal

  1. Create an index. Write down the page numbers next to the page title, this will make it so much easier for you to refer back to in the future! 
  2. Decide what you will include in your journal. Some ideas are; goal tracker, calendar, to-do list, thoughts pages, monthly overview, project ideas etc. 
  3. Be creative! This is your way to release all of your emotions, so make sure to make this experience completely your own! 
💕 We can’t wait to see what you create 💕