Marrakech With Anya

Marrakech With Anya

Marrakech With Anya

Take a trip with us to the jewel of Africa and the gateway to Europe. Marrakesh is home to culture, cuisine and it has a character unlike anywhere else in the world. Prepare your passport and your senses, our very own wandering babe Anya will take you on a tour of Marrakech. Keep your map at home, it’ll be useless here. Let the tastes, sounds and sights of Marrakech guide you. 



Charming trinkets displayed on the side of the road. 


Pot plant heaven.


A pit stop by the fountain to rest from the rush of the city.   


A sweet treat before wandering to Marrakech Souk.


Our little friends having a rest.


Views from a hidden nook.  


Moroccan textiles are something out of a colourful dream. 


The details in these mosaics are otherworldly.


Colourful treasures from one of the market vendors.


The most enchanting rug shop in all of Marrakesh. So many dazzling colours and delightful details.



Anya’s favourite places in Marrakech:


Marrakech Souk – A rush to the senses! There’s so much to touch, see and taste.

Museum of Marrakech - Beautiful, tranquil and informative.

Berber Museum – loaded with history and culture! The go-to destination for those interested in Berber culture.

Palais la Bahia – A majestic palace with sprawling gardens and unimaginably beautiful textiles.

Jardin Majorelle – The most enchanting garden we’ve ever set our eyes on.

Place Jemaa el Fna – A tourist hotspot but it’s worth all the rush.

Heritage Spa – such a tranquil experience. A must-stop for wanderers needing a little reinvigoration before they continue their adventure. 

Mustapha Blaoui – Lots of lovely lights and a charming atmosphere.

Zwin Zwin Café – the most delightful desserts!