Meet @ceremonycacao

Meet @ceremonycacao

Meet @ceremonycacao




World Chocolate Day is undoubtedly one of the most delicious days of the year and since we’re always looking for any excuse to satisfy our sweet tooth we were delighted when one of our many Instagram explorations led us to Ceremony Cacao, a brand of drinking chocolate by Sydney-based naturopath Ema Taylor. 



Unlike traditional hot chocolate mixes, Ceremony’s blends are formulated under the principle that food is medicine and contain natural ingredients that are beneficial to your mind and body. Here at Fortunate One we don’t believe that any of our pleasures should be guilty and partaking in the ritual of sipping on Ceremony while we scroll through emails, read a book or prepare for meetings has become one of our favourite ways to unwind. 



 So, what’s in Ceremony? 


Cacao: contains the highest natural food source of magnesium, rich in cardiovascular protective properties and antioxidants, which enhance detoxification, reduce inflammation and promote longevity. 


Coconut sugar: Unrefined with a lower glycemic index compared to other sugars, is rich in minerals and contains inulin, a prebiotic fibre that supports digestive health.


Cinnamon: Antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal, stabilises and modulates blood glucose levels while reducing insulin levels.


Maca powder: Increases stamina and endurance while nourishing the endocrine system, re balancing hormones, increasing libido and promoting fertility. Rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients.


Celtic sea salt: Provides essential minerals helping to balance electrolytes, blood glucose levels and alkalise the body.


Cayenne pepper (*in the chilli cacao blend): Stimulates metabolism, supports healthy digestion and promotes weight loss. Encourages blood circulation to all major organs, enhancing nutrient delivery and promoting detoxification. 



We asked a few members of the team what they thought. 

This has quickly become my favourite, especially with soy milk and splashes of honey for added sweetness. It’s a rich blend with a heavenly chocolatey aroma!” - Danyel, Stylist and Content Creator. 


“I must preface this review by saying that I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and my beverage of choice is sparkling water, much to the dismay of all my friends haha. I loved both blends but I was especially taken with the classic cacao with coconut milk! It was rich and a little went a long way. I felt great afterwards and there was no sugar high followed by an awful comedown. I look forward to having more and I may or may not have scooped some to take home to share with my parents. - Tariro, Digital Copywriter. 


“I love how rich and creamy it is. I accidentally made mine with just hot water instead of coconut milk and it was still so flavourful. I love that there is a natural sweetness in it without any added sugar.” - Anya, Operations manager. 


 “The chilli chocolate is good with the coconut milk! It’s not too sweet, has a nice kick and smells great.” - Maria, Customer Service Supervisor. 


You can purchase Ceremony here and you can keep up-to-date with all things Ceremony Cacao and Ema Taylor here and here.