Meet Our Muse

Meet Our Muse

Meet Our Muse

Everyone needs a muse. Bowie had Iman, Mapplethorpe and Smith had each other and we have the dreamy Dominique Elissa. Our Sydney-based sweetheart is like water. She flows in different directions, can’t be contained and like a tide on the sandy shores of Bronte, she can pull you in with ease.

Here's Dom through our lens.

What is happiness to you?

What I’ve discovered is that happiness is simplicity. The simple things like going for an ocean swim or a coastal walk really bring me happiness.


What makes you feel the most alive?

Travelling. To me, seeing a new place awakens your senses like nothing else in the world.

What are you currently listening to?

I’m loving a playlist called “Feelin Good” on Spotify. It is filled with Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and other old school artists who produced tunes that can turn your frown upside down in a second.

What's your dream festival lineup?

If the options are dead or alive then my dream lineup is definitely Earth, Wind and Fire, Jamiroquai, and Michael Jackson.


Where was the last place you travelled to?

I went to India last year to shoot.

What do you do on your day(s) off?

I love to go to a power yoga session, have a wholesome breakfast, go for a walk, swim in the ocean and spend time with my family and friends.


Who are your style icons?

Maya Stepper, Romee Strijd and Gizele Oliveira

How do you describe your style?

I love denim and printed tees with a good pair of stand out boots. I over accessorize and am definitely not afraid to clash patterns.


Would you rather road trip around the coast of Mexico or backpack across Europe?

Road trip around the coast of Mexico for sure!


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