Our Best Weekend Tips

Our Best Weekend Tips

Our Best Weekend Tips

As the warmer days are coming, we decided to rethink our weekend routine and give you a few tips to make the most of your sunny days off and live the happy life you deserve!

 Start your day right, practise yoga early in the morning and follow your class with a short meditation. Let go of everything and focus on your breath. We are often too busy and stressed about a million things and forget to even breath whereas it's the foundation of a healthy living.

 Go for a walk and cuddle a dog

 If you live close to the ocean, enjoy a fresh and salty deep, this is the best way to rise and shine!

 Meet your favourite people for brunch and explore your local market. Love and food is always the best combination! 

 Experience something new! Go rock climbing and push your limits or participate in a creative activity; Paint or learn how to make your own clay pot for your fresh bouquet of sunflowers. 

 Ride your bike through the botanic gardens and stop for a treat at Jamaica Blue. Seat in the sun and enjoy their new Extra Blue Iced Tea for refreshment while getting some Vitamin D!

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, seize each second of your day, it's the key to Happiness.

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