Our New Year Resolutions

Our New Year Resolutions

Our New Year Resolutions

As 2019 draws to a close, we at Fortunate One have been taking some time to reflect on this past year, whilst also choosing our New Year resolutions for 2020. 

Keep reading to find out our hopes and resolutions for the new year.

Implementing good habits into our daily routine - Whether it's starting every morning off with yoga, or reading one positive affirmation a day, we want 2020 to be filled with nothing but goodness.

Getting back to nature - In the new year, we want to take more time to get back to nature. We long to feel the grass beneath our feet, the sand between our toes and the sun shining down on us.

Exploring our creative sides - We want 2020 to be the year we pick up a paintbrush more, take up photography, get crafty with some DIY’s and let our creative juices flow! There is so much beauty to be created.

Connecting with ourselves - Celebrating what makes us unique and one of a kind, spending more time alone to connect with ourselves and practicing self-love are all things we will be doing in the new year.

Practicing gratefulness - We want to practice being grateful and appreciating all the blessings surrounding us in 2020. This can be done as simply as writing down three things in the day that we were grateful for every night before we go to sleep to remind us to stay grounded and that its the little things that matter!

Heres to hoping 2020 is full of light, peace and love!

Happy New Year from Fortunate One x