Our Team's Resolutions For 2022

Our Team's Resolutions For 2022

Our Team's Resolutions For 2022

2021 was a year full of introspection and overcoming new challenges. Sometimes it became a bit more difficult than we're used to, but through these times we have all become stronger and more resilient individuals. We hope you're taking care of yourself from the inside out, and we hope you have your resolutions written for 2022. Manifest your realities now! If you're stuck creating resolutions for next year, have a read of our team's ones 💕

Lauren, Our Buyer

To spend more time with family and friends as the past 2 years has made me realise not to take that quality time for granted.
Do more cooking - try at least 1 new recipe per week.
Try more activities for physical exercise like tennis, rock climbing, hiking.

Maggie, Our PR And Copy Executive

2021 was a crazy year suffice to say, and I don't doubt that 2022 will be the same. In the new year, I'll be focusing on improving my connections with others, doing some more self-reflection, and practicing gratitude for all the little things in life.

Myra, Our Graphic Designer

My New Years resolutions are to connect and collaborate more with other creatives/artists to expand my creative thinking and to improve my sleep patterns!