Our Top 6 Book Recommendations To Cozy Up With

Our Top 6 Book Recommendations To Cozy Up With

Our Top 6 Book Recommendations To Cozy Up With

If you need a break from the regularly programmed Netflix binge, we have the perfect way to carry you through this weekend - books! And if you're looking for something new to read, look no further than our favourite 6 books.
We've got everything from stories that’ll make your heart race to a book that will make you laugh out loud at its sheer absurdity. We've even got a few surprises in there, too - books that’ll make you think about life in ways you never imagined before.
So curl up by the fire or sit at your desk and turn up the heat - we've got your reading material right here.

Cult Classic By Sloane Crosley 

Wrap yourself up in this tale that’s full of love, morality, memory, mind control and a fun slice of philosophy. Ponder whether it's possible to find a truly happy ending in a world where the past remains alive online and sanity is cast aside for fame. You won’t want to stop reading this fantasy novel! 

The Immortal King Rao By Vauhini Vara

Enter a Dystopian future where the world is run by a group named the Board Of Corporations. And also enter a world where Athena, a young girl is on trial for a crime she did not commit. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this story flips between decades to demonstrate the common qualities of humans as a whole. 

True Story: What Reality TV Says About Us, By Danielle J. Lindemann

Do you love binge-watching Love Island and Big Brother? Have you ever wanted to know more about the psychology and dirty secrets that hide beneath this vast world? Then this is the perfect non-fiction read for you! 

Fiona And Jane By Jean Chen Ho

Embark on this adventure about two Taiwanese American besties whose relationship becomes strained when exposed to the realities of adulthood and life in general. Laugh, cry and relate to every issue they face as they grow up and find themselves. 

Bless The Daughter Raised By A Voice In Her Head By Warsan Shire

Immerse yourself in poetry that covers everything from the experiences of migration, the truth of womanhood, dealing with personal problems and resilience in all areas. Oh, and Shire was a collaborator on Beyonce’s Lemonade and Black Is King - so, you know these are masterpieces. 

The Candy House By Jennifer Egan

Flick through different dimensions and narratives as you plunge deeper and deeper into this story about the strength of human longing for real connections, love, privacy and redemption. This science-fiction tale is like nothing you’ve read before, combining the most human qualities of us with the most outlandish ideas to create something that everyone can relate with on some level.