4 Places That'll Give You Wanderlust

4 Places That'll Give You Wanderlust

4 Places That'll Give You Wanderlust

If you're anything like us and love walking off the beaten track then you'll love this list of magical places that'll make you want to pack up your bags and go on your next adventure. This list won’t include trips to the Eiffel Tower or gondola rides in Venice, it’ll be be the road less travelled.


Colour, culture and cuisine: Tangier has it all. It’s an eclectic hub where Africa meets Europe. 

The Rolling Stones and Yves Saint Laurent flocked to this coastal city in the 50’s and it doesn’t take much to figure out why. Fall in love with the Art Deco edifices on Tangier’s busy streets, eat fresh pastries at Gran Cafe de Paris or overlook the Mediterranean Sea while you enjoy a picnic on a leafy hillside. Don’t book return flights, you’ll probably stay a while. 

Another Moroccan gem filled with sprawling gardens, colourful palaces and wondorous history. Marrakech is a mix of old town flair with a hint of modern magic - it’s the perfect destination for anyone who loves to immerse themselves in new cultures and can't help but taste, touch and take it all in as they travel. If you find yourself in Marrakech you'll be mesmerised by its artisan heritage, enchanted by the sound of street vendors and calls to prayer and you'll be in awe of its sprawling labyrinth-like markets.

There’s a reason why Ernest Hemingway went to Havana and couldn’t bring himself to leave. Landing in Havana is like going back in time. This beautiful city is filled with colourful colonial Spanish architecture, vintage cars and it has an old fashioned charm that we don't think we'll ever tire of. Havana awakens the romantic in all of us. For Hemingway, this city was the muse that inspired him to write some of his most famous works and we couldn’t recommend this breathtaking city enough. There’s plenty to do and lots to see here. Havana isn’t a stop over, it’s the destination. 

No list is complete without mentioning the often forgotten but immensely beautiful city of Lisbon. This hilly city combines gothic grit with modern city glamour. Europe’s known for having plenty of gothic architecture but nothing comes close to the beautiful architecture found in Lisbon. If you prefer leafy gardens and outdoor adventures we recommend that you head to Sintra and explore its lush greenery and the bustling Sintra-Vila. We promise you won’t be disappointed!



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