Postcards From Morocco

Postcards From Morocco

Postcards From Morocco

Here at Fortunate One HQ, we're avid adventurers and Morocco is definitely a crowd favourite as one of our favourite travel destinations. With so much to offer including amazing scenery, delicious food, hospitable locals and a simplicity of life, here are our top reasons as to why a trip to Morocco is a one of a kind experience. 

1. The colours are everywhere you go

It's hard to escape the vibrant colours of Morocco. The natural sites can be found in bold reds, orange and ochre whilst the homes are overwheled with greenery. Even the food can be found in an array of gorgeous tones thanks to the various spices and vegetables. 

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2. The Riads

Let yourself unwind and feel cosy behind the marvellous walls of the Riads - traditional Moroccon houses that as of late have been transformed into small hotels. You'll find yourself wandering across the magnificent halls and taking in magical moments here.

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3. The architeture is one of a kind

Find yourself in awe of the architectural beauty of Kasbah, another traditional style house in Morocco. The traditional techniques and construction for these buildings are typically used for Moroccan hotels.


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4. The landscapes and views are breathtaking 

It's no surprise that Moroccan landscapes are some of the most beautiful in the world. Get ready to bask yourself in the magnificent scenery, where every moment is picture perfect!

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