Self Care With The Help Of Mother Earth

Self Care With The Help Of Mother Earth

Self Care With The Help Of Mother Earth

The month of love should never end, especially when it comes to adoring every part of ourselves. From head to toe, you’re a beautiful individual, and sometimes it’s crucial that we give ourselves a reminder. The best way to do this; is a self-care ritual - one that cares for the planet and for you. The happiness of mother earth contributes to our mental health as well. Embrace this new way of life by following these steps: 


Don’t make loving yourself a one-time thing, do it every day and start it from the morning. Wake up early, listen to your favourite tracks and start your day. Recite positive affirmations (at least 5), make your own coffee or tea, and eat your breakfast near an open window or on your balcony. Have a relaxing shower, wash your face and start getting ready for the day ahead! To help you stay feeling clean and fresh all day we recommend using a natural deodorant from our newly launched Salt & Stone range.
Some of our favourites are;


Your long day is done, you’ve worked hard and accomplished everything you needed to today. Even if you feel like you haven’t done enough today, we assure you that you have done as much as the universe wanted you to do. After you’ve reached the comfort of your home, take some deep breaths and centre yourself - it’s time to decompress. Make yourself a hot cup of herbal tea, and start the hot bath. Pour in some bath oils, and let the worries melt away from today. After you’re done, watch your favourite comfort show or listen to your peaceful playlist while you eat your dinner. Finish your day with your night ritual, try out these products to close the night in style. 

We recommend trying;

Make self-care part of your daily routine