Show Me Your Aura; A Comprehensive Guide To Aura Readings

Show Me Your Aura; A Comprehensive Guide To Aura Readings

Show Me Your Aura; A Comprehensive Guide To Aura Readings

Auras are a delicate part of our beings and a very telling aspect of who we are as people.  In order to understand yourself, and those around you more, we recommend taking some time to learn about Aura Readings and how to interpret them. But what exactly is an aura, and how can you read one? This guide is here to answer all your questions. We will cover everything from what the colors mean and how to read them yourself. So whether you're looking to impress your friends with your newly acquired knowledge or just want to learn more about yourself, this guide is for you.

What’s An Aura? 

It’s an electromagnetic field that encompasses an individual’s body and is related to one’s energy. An aura can be felt by everyone, but only seen by a few. We’re sure you’ve felt people’s auras before. For example, when you’ve been around someone who is brighter than the sun itself, you feel your energy glow too! The same goes for when you associate with someone who exudes an air of negativity wherever they roam, making you feel drained after you meet them. Auras are all around us, and our bodies can sense them better than you think.

What Do The Auras Mean?

Auras have different layers, and colors and can change depending on the situation or events. Most people have one dominant color, but some people can have blended hues or even a rainbow (which means you’re very enlightened). If an individual possesses more than one color it can be perceived as them having a mix of different personality traits. And if the auras appear muddy or foggy, this indicates that the person needs to rest and do some immediate soul-searching. 

What Do The Colors Mean? 


Confidence, strength and a tad aggressive. These individuals are passionate, goal-oriented and love to be in charge. Sure, they can be a bit dramatic at times but they’re also some of the bravest and most ambitious people you’ll ever meet. 


Creative, funny, the light of the room, unique and has quite the romantic streak. People with pink auras are all about peace and are usually the person everyone gravitates towards. They are bright and bold just like their hue. 


Optimistic, a social butterfly, always in good health and has an ample amount of energy.  These people are always curious about the world and trying out new things, the world is truly their oyster. If you find an orange-hue person, they’re sure to become your new friend!


Just like the color, these people are very bright, optimistic, carefree and intelligent. Any sort of communication is their thing; could be talking, writing or a big discussion. They love to have fun constantly and are never bogged down by life. Keep those new ideas and hobbies coming. 


Nature is their home. They spend most of their time growing as a person and healing their mind and soul. People with green auras are very open with their worldviews as they are very compassionate towards the wider society. 


These people walk around with their hearts on their sleeves, they are quite sensitive, empathetic, caring and are known to keep to themselves. And because they are so in tune with their emotions they have a very creative side to them, enabling them to be very expressive individuals. 


Violet-hued people live with their heads in the clouds, are perpetual dreamers and are an artist with every inch of their being. You can see them getting lost in daydreams often, as they think on a different plane to most people. They are also very intuitive, so we recommend not deceiving them. 


Reflective of the color, they are the most grounded person you’ll encounter. Driven by their careers, they love working kinetically, and are very practical and logical - they will be the person that has a budget spreadsheet as well as a year by year plan of their future. 

How To Read An Aura?

If possible, we recommend finding a professional to do your aura reading. To do it by yourself we suggest; rubbing your hands together to activate your energy, turning to face a white wall, letting your vision blur, and then looking at your reflection or a body part to see what color appears.  
Aura readings can be a helpful way for understanding yourself and your personal energy. By learning about the different colors of an aura and what they represent, you can gain insights into your own thoughts, emotions, and physical health. Happy aura reading!