Simple Steps For Sustainability

Simple Steps For Sustainability

Simple Steps For Sustainability

We believe the most sustainable item is the one you already own, so we've put together a guide of how to care for your Fortunate One pieces and give them a longer life.

Extend the life of your garments by first asking does it need to be washed?
Give it a quick check for stains and a sniff.
Did you know you can kill bacteria which cause garment smells by popping your item in a bag and in the freezer overnight?
Small stains are no match for biodegradable baby wipes too!

If your garment is ready to be washed, we recommend a cold hand wash.
Not only will this maintain the colours, keeps delicate details safe and sound but it also saves a lot of water!

Clothes driers use a lot of energy and shrink your garments, so we recommend skipping them all together.
Once your garment is washed, dry it flat in the shade.
This helps keep the shape of your garment and avoids pesky hanger marks.

If your garment got a little creasy amid the cleaning process, we recommend first hanging it in your bathroom while you shower and allow the natural steam to release the creases.
For stronger creases and wrinkles, we recommend steaming your garment to avoid burning your items with an iron. Just be careful to not burn yourself with the steam, remember to steam away from your hands!

Hang or store your garment promptly after wearing it to avoid the trap of it ending up in the laundry basket after one wear.

We hope these suggestions will be useful for you to keep your Fortunate One pieces
as bright and beautiful as the first wear and be a simple step to sustainability!