Stay Motivated During Lockdown

Stay Motivated During Lockdown

Stay Motivated During Lockdown

In order to keep ourselves and the people around us safe, working from home is something we all have had or are having to do now. While working from home sounds like a great feat, it also can be quite difficult to change work environments. So we have provided some tips to help you remain motivated while you are at home.

Plan the day

 To-do lists are ACTUALLY a girl’s best friend. Be sure to plan your workday, ideally the day before so that you aren’t overwhelmed when starting the workday. Also make sure to wake up early, and not right before your workday begins, so that you can get ready for the day. Take a shower, eat a good breakfast, make an amazing cup of coffee and feel ready to own the day ahead of you!

Separate A Workspace

 Working from your bed, while definitely more convenient, is not a great way to go about your workday. You won’t be as productive because you’ll be blurring the lines between work and rest. This will also hamper your sleep schedule, so make sure to go to another room and set up your workstation there. Decorate your workspace and bring snacks! Make it unapologetically yours. 

Limit Distractions

 Definitely the hardest part of working from home because you may have children, pets or just really noisy neighbours. This is where having a distinct workspace helps as you can just close the door for a few hours at a time. But do take time to spend time with your companions too! Ensure you only use work necessary websites rather than cruising on your personal Insta, don’t ruin the sanctity of your workspace. 

Practice Self-Care

 Putting on actual clothes seems simple enough but when you’re home alone and left to your own devices it becomes MUCH easier to turn into a cute burrito. Change out those PJs for some comfy pants and a clean top. Wash your face and brush your hair, be presentable for your own wellbeing. Looking and feeling good should be for you, and not the people around you. 

Take Breaks

 The lines are very blurred when you start to work from home because you can work ALL day while still having food and the comfort of your house. It is still VERY important to take a break from the workday, close your laptop and go for a walk or at least sit on your balcony. Switch off your technology during your break time, it’ll really help make your mind realise it is time to rest and recover. As we all know, breaks make you more productive - so you’ll be thanking your past self.