The Best Vegan Brunches in Sydney

The Best Vegan Brunches in Sydney

The Best Vegan Brunches in Sydney

If you are a fan of healthy and delicious food, you are on the right page!

Here at Fortunate One, we love trying new food and vegan alternatives. We visited some amazing cafes in Sydney and had the chance to taste some of the best brunches in town. 

Discover our favourites so far, below: 

Shift Eatery, Surry Hills: Fancy a schnitzel sandwich? Or maybe a salmon bagel? Yes, you read right! This is the place where you'll be able to try as many vegan alternatives as you can imagine. The food is so tasty, you won't be able to tell it's a plant-based version!

Herb n Sprout Co, Maroubra: Managed by a mother/daughter team, they offer vegetarian and vegan meals made with love. Their menu offers savoury and sweet options, there is so much choice it's always a challenge to decide! Our absolute favourite is the French Toast, it's the perfect dessert after a meal.

Bondi Wholefoods, Surry Hills: You'll find there the most delicious and healthiest vegan meals of Sydney. Make sure to try their selection of vegan raw cakes as well as their high-protein smoothies, the perfect boost to start your day.

Brown Sugar, Bondi Beach: If you are the kind of person who's always down for a big breakfast, this is the place to go to! Not only they have the most friendly staff, they also offer a vegan platter which will fulfil your appetite! Pick the platter for 2 to share with your soulmate for the best value. 

Oak Berry, Bondi Beach: Feeling like something fresh and simple? Our friends at Oak Berry will make you the best acai bowl you'll ever have. Make sure to add some almond butter to maximise the flavour!

Happy eater, happy life! 

Let us know what are your favourite vegan cafes, here via DM!