The Importance Of Morning Silence

The Importance Of Morning Silence

The Importance Of Morning Silence

The glowing sun shines through the curtain, the birds are singing their morning hymns, your alarm blares reminding you to wake up and own the day. You open your eyes slowly to take in the morning and the world around you, and what’s the first thing you do? Unlock your phone. Why not leave reading the news for later in the day? Leave behind your busy morning schedules and make time to start the day in a calm manner. Studies have shown that waking up with the addition of phones and rushing, in general, is quite bad as it heightens your stress levels for the day. Yes, the beginning of the day can be a stressful time as you have to prepare for work and the day ahead, but there is a way to ensure that you attain a more peaceful morning - practice silence. 

"Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom."

 Francis Bacon

Once you’ve integrated silence into your morning routine you’ll see the following benefits;

Understanding yourself better

Becoming more productive

Improved levels of focus

Being more energetic

Have a clearer head

Feel more connected with yourself

 To start your days with silence, keep your phone away on the other side of the room because we know how hard it is to not scroll through your socials when it’s right next to you, turn your TV off and have no music playing. We know this will feel strange at first, but trust the process - humans were not supposed to be surrounded by technology at all hours of the day, so try to create a healthy balance for yourself. 
Wake up, do some morning stretches (we recommend doing these yoga poses), practice mindfulness and make your morning matcha! Matcha is better for you than a direct hit of coffee as it lessens your body’s intake of caffeine which will lessen levels of anxiety in the future. Sit by your window and bask in the glowing sun, stay with your thoughts. Try journaling your thoughts in the morning and channel your thoughts in a healthier way. 
Apply these actions to the start of your day for at least 10 minutes and watch how much your mental state improves.