The Road

The Road

The Road

Recently, we got lucky enough to meet beautiful Missy, a young entrepreneur and empowering woman.

With our last campaign The Road, we wanted to collaboratively create something unique that would showcase sweetness and joy to honour the female power and remind ourselves and our community that happiness can be a long journey.

Happiness is a moment, it comes with ups and downs and that's what makes it magic. Embrace your scars, your victories, love yourself and be proud of what you are achieving. Seize the day and have little expectations, life will bring it all to you, trust the universe.

Get to know Missy, our free-spirited muse in this exclusive interview and exclusive behind the scenes images of the campaign.

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How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

 Optimistic, Non-Stop, Passionate, Grounded, Outdoorsie (haha!)

What are you doing for a living? 
I am a hairstylist specialising in education & bridal with a holistic approach. I spend my weeks inside the salon, travelling Australia teaching other hairdressers & looking after my brides on their wedding day. I am also a sister, lover, friend & dog mum.

How did you start your own business? 

I was 21 at the time, I took the leap from being employed to being self-employed by being freelance.
It was and still is the greatest jump I ever took. I really struggled with the disciplined structure of being employed. I am too free-spirited & passionate to be held in a box haha!
I actually work way harder now because I am directly responsible for my work. It then snowballed me into owning my own creative space where I embrace other freelance creatives to do the same. I support them to take the leap and give them a safe space to do so. Then, I launched my bridal business & got to live my dream. 

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?

HAPPY! Just very happy. I tend to chase happiness. I find if I’m not happy, I change it.
I hope in 10 years time I am still living something I am still super passionate about, sharing knowledge, inspiring & supporting others. I did start studying Nutritional Medicine recently - So I would probably like to be head deep in practising my learnings from that and incorporating it within my beauty services. 

What’s your best advice to be happy?
Chase happiness! If you aren’t happy - Work out a way to change it! Also, be the truest version of yourself. You can’t go too wrong when you are living your authentic life.
Who inspires you the most?

Probably my Mum. (She will love that) But I am very serious. Honestly - I couldn’t admire a woman more. She is next-level incredible & just gets up, brushes herself off and gets on with it.

Where is your favourite place in the world?
The ocean, with my love Adam & our dog Pablo. Sandy feels & warm skin, oh yeah!

What is your favourite piece from your Fortunate One Edit?

I am LOVING the Deep Talk Dress in Leopard! Such a fun, airy fitted dress for day or night. I loved wearing it with boots! 

Any hair tips?
To get an extra day from your dirty hair - wear a hat OR just wash your crown/fringe area in the sink & blast dry with a blowdryer! It buys me another day in this crazy world we live in & works a treat. Shhh!

Thank you to Missy and the Fortunate One team for creating such amazing content!
You can visit her page here @missyveyret. Also special thanks to @rosieneylemakeup for her awesome work!
We hope you will like the collection as much as we do.
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