To Earth, With Love

To Earth, With Love

To Earth, With Love

In celebration of World Earth Day earlier this week, we thought it was time for us to lend some healing energy back to Mother Gaia as a thankyou for all she has provided us. Join us as we cast a simple spell and ritual for our humble planet.


You will need:

  • A crystal of your choice

  • An offering for the spirits of the land e.g. honey, milk, tobacco etc.  

  • A shovel preferably not made of metal


Charge your crystal during the day by placing it in a spot with ample amounts of sunlight. The light of the moon will also suffice if you choose to charge the night before.  


In the evening, find a place of positive energy and power near your home. Dig a small hole that is deep enough to fit your crystal and leave your chosen offering at the base of the hole.


Chant the following:


“Mother Earth, you gave me life and today, I give some life back to you. I make this offering to you in gratitude and respect. Take it, and be healed.”


Place your crystal into the hole and fix a silent intention, returning energy back to the Earth.


Thank the Earth one last time before walking away with gratitude.