Travel Diaries: Another Day In WA

Travel Diaries: Another Day In WA

Travel Diaries: Another Day In WA



Those who know it, call it the sweet spot of the Australian coast. Those who don't, are yet to experience it. Where the sand stretches further than the eye can see in a cool shade of white and the water is nothing but the clear colour of tourquoise blue. We decided to take a trip west to truly see it for ourselves. 

Home grown west coaster and one of our own Fortunate One girls Emma, gives us the locals only tour of what to do and where to go when heading west. 

WA is know for its incredibly diverse landscapes from the dry, barron outback, to the ocean where the surf if plentiful - it's a place were you can go back to basics. 

Where all you need is the sun on your back and board in hand, your backyard is the beach and the surf if your playground.





Set your compass straight for Rottnest Island or as the locals call it, Rotto. An island aproximately 18km off the coast, nestled in a protected nature reserve. A place where you can only get by on foot or bike, it's a destination to live the island life. Where the weather is set at warm 32 degrees and with 63 secluded beaches and 20 bays, the choice is yours without another human in sight. 



Depending on your budget, we suggest taking the sea-nic route. Head over the Indian Ocean via helicopter or seaplane for the breathe taking views that your instagram feed with thank you later for. You can also opt for one of the three ferry opertors, or if you have one, head in the comfort of your own private boat. 




Whether you're on the mainland or have decided you're never leaving Rottnest (like most of us), there's always plenty of fresh and organic produce that is grown in WA, just like the locals like it.

Rottnest Bakery is one of those places that you HAVE to go to, even if you're not hungry, or not even feeling like biting into baked goods. It's almost like a right of passage whenever you step foot on the island. From your childhood favourites, to the almightly Aussie pie or jam doughtnut, nothing beats treating your sweet tooth after a day in the sun.

Deciding to stay the night or wanting something a little more substantial? You'll find us at Hotel Rottnest, sipping on a cool rosé and eating some freshly caught seafood. Just sit down, listen to the chilled riff of live music and watch the sunset over the deep blue. 

Heading back to the mainland? The Hamptons is where you'll find us. Commanding the prime spot at City Beach and just 15 minutes from Perth CBD, their expansive deck restaurant overlooks the white sands and sparkling Indian Ocean whilst you tuck into some fresh locally sourced food. 




Images via See Want Shop, Olive Cooke, Rottnest Island, Australia’s Coral Coast, Sealife Differently