Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Whether you’re taking a trip to the other side of the world or going to the next town over, it’s worth carrying these goods with you.


Chapstick – It doesn’t matter if you’re gallivanting in Greenland or soaking up the sun in the Sahara, having a chapstick on you at all times pays off. Granted, chapsticks aren’t normally on the top of your packing pile but they’re the best way to keep your lips feeling silky smooth and moisturised. Show your lips some lovin’ and say sayonara to chapped lips!


Hand sanitiser – One of the best ways to feel fresh and clean after a long-haul flight or before tucking into a heavenly meal prepared by a street vendor. Words can’t explain how magical a small bottle of sanitiser is.


Hand cream: Show your hands some love by keeping them moisturised! We recommend applying a generous dollop of hand cream regularly because your hands can never be too moisturised.


Perfume/Deodorant: We love feeling fresh but sometimes there’s no shower in sight and airports simply won’t do so we have to make do with perfume and deodorant. Avoid sweet scented perfumes and opt for fresh scents like mint and lemongrass.


Mints: We can’t recommend mints enough! You never know when you’ll have access to a bathroom or clean water so maintain your pearly whites by chewing on mints.


A phone charger: Next to your passport, this should be the second most important thing you pack. In all fairness, you can always buy a new charger and passports aren't as easy to come by, but it’s good to be prepared. There's nothing worse than landing in a foreign country and not being able to call an Uber, your Airbnb host or your family.