Tune Into Tarot Cards: A Beginner's Guide

Tune Into Tarot Cards: A Beginner's Guide

Tune Into Tarot Cards: A Beginner's Guide

Looking to become in tune with yourself in order to answer questions about your future or your loved ones? Then this is the perfect time to begin learning the art of reading and analysing tarot cards. This art can appear to be quite daunting at first but once you’ve purchased your fave set and navigated through the basics - you’ll find yourself becoming the designated Tarot Card girl in your friend circles. 
Tarot cards originated in 15th century Europe as a pack of playing cards and became a vehicle of divination in the late 18th century. This practice was originally developed for occult purposes but now have transformed into a way for individuals to introspectively learn about themselves and the fate that awaits them. The art involved is derived from Ancient Egypt, Judaism, Ancient India and Ancient China. Which explains why every card looks absolutely breathtaking! 
In order to know about such an ancient practice, it’s important to become familiar with the cards you’ll be reading. 

Know The Cards

So you’ve just bought your first deck, congratulations! Now you need to start knowing what all 78 cards mean. Most decks these days come with a booklet to help you understand, but we thought we would provide a very easy breakdown to make understanding the information even easier. 
To start off, there are two primary groups of cards; Major Arcana & Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana 

Explores broader themes in the universe.
Card names and what they represent
The Fool 
Beginning of a journey and childlike wonder.
The Magician
Manifesting, spirituality and a connection to the divine.
The High Priestess
Human wisdom and one’s inner world.
The Empress
Nature, fertility.
The Emperor
Leadership and stability.
The Hierophant
Practical lessons related to natural law and study.
The Lovers
Difficult decisions or changes that are to come.
Wheel Of Fortune
Positive changes and cycles of life.
Endings, and moving forward (not meant to be understood literally).
The Devil
Shadow side of yourself, entrapment. 
The Sun
Vitality, joy and good fortune (no negative meanings associated).
Resurrection and freedom from inner conflict.
The World
An end to something and big changes ahead (no negative meanings associated).

Minor Arcana

Explores everyday circumstances. 
This is associated with the element of fire and dealing with passion as well as energy. These cards explore creativity and individuality. 
These cards are connected with the water element, which explores emotions and how you feel. This is all about introspection!
Swords is connected with the air element, making it a vehicle through which you can explore intellect and how those thoughts manifest.
These are closely connected with the earth element and explore monetary values, worth and feelings of safety. 

Upside Down Card

As daunting as this may appear, if the card appears to be upside down it does not mean that the meaning is reversed. In fact, it just adds context to the overall meaning and personalises the experience. Be sure to trust your intuition and apply the required meaning to the reading, it will take practice but we know you’ll get there! It’s time to get in tune with your, your cards and the room’s energies. 

Time To Do A Reading!


Ask the cards a question

Some examples are;
What do I need to know about...
How can I move past...
Is there an opportunity in…


Now that you know what you, or the ones doing a reading with you, want to know it’s time to shuffle the deck.


Spread the tarot cards and choose the three cards that appeal to you the most.


Once you’ve chosen the desired cards lay them face down on the table. Once you flip them over it’s time to read and contextualise what they could mean. Breathe in and listen to your intuition, keep a calm and clear mind while you do the reading.
For a three-card spread follow this layout;
Card 1 will represent what you can do to let go or change something in your life
Card 2 will offer advice or direction on what to do during this process
Card 3 serves as a guide for what you can do to stay centred during this process 
Happy reading and we hope you get through whichever challenge comes into your life!