6 Tips To Help You Unwind For The Night

6 Tips To Help You Unwind For The Night

6 Tips To Help You Unwind For The Night

Finally coming home after a long day at work, is one of the best feelings in the world. But now that you’re home, you have to rest and get ready again for tomorrow. We love and understand the hustle, but in order to remain the healthiest you can be, we recommend properly relaxing before you sleep. So, here are some tips to help you unwind for the night. 

Keep The Lights Low

Makes for a great aesthetic, and allows your brain to begin slowing down for the night. Bright lights usually indicate the morning or a party atmosphere, so it's an amazing idea to invest in some dimming light bulbs. 

Have A Warm Drink

You deserve a nice and relaxing cup of hot chocolate after the day you’ve had. Milk or herbal teas are a great option for closing off the night as it contains no caffeine and provides relaxation for the entire body! Also, try not to have caffeine after 4 pm because it may keep you awake for longer than you want.

Retain A Clean Space

We know this gets difficult especially if your work is a full-time responsibility, but definitely try to sort out your bedroom on weekends. Studies show that being surrounded by mess could actually provoke sleep disorders, because of the stress it causes. 

Shower Or Bathe Before You Sleep

Taking a good warm shower or bath before you sleep is very relaxing for your body and mind. Heat has been proven to relax tension, tired muscles and, of course, helps you lessen levels of stress. 

Play Music

Seems simple enough right? But we recommend ACTUAL calming music; classical, lo-fi, slow RnB, ASMR could work too, try anything that does not have an emphasis on lyrics. Try to find which tracks you relax best to, it’s all about what best suits you and your mind. 

Practice Mindfulness/Meditation

Meditation or mindfulness may seem like a lot of work to do but, thanks to the wonders of technology, it’s really quite simple to do these days. There are plethoras of apps available (Sleep by Headspace) and guided meditations available on YouTube. By practising this daily, you’ll reduce stress, become more comfortable with your thoughts and attain a more compassionate mindset.