BTS with Water Tiger

BTS with Water Tiger

BTS with Water Tiger

A water tiger is an animal that has adventure and exploration imbedded in its DNA. For this thrill-seeking creature, the world is an endless playground and there’s no such thing as seeing too much or having too many stories to tell.

Our latest photo shoot saw us frolicking in one of Sydney’s hidden gems, Water Tiger, a sweet antique shop in Sydney’s Inner West. 

Our muse and all-round dreamy babe Dom is all smiles in-between takes. 

Dom twirling among the beautiful Asian antiques! We especially love this shot because of the rich contrast of the natural hues and the vibrancy of our Moon Dance Maxi Dress which captures the essence of Spring!

A little glimpse at some of the treasures we came across during our shoot. 

Our stylist made herself at home in this little nook. 

Dom bathed in golden light during one of our breaks. 

That’s a wrap! We’d love to extend a big thanks to Kathrin Bruce for letting us wander around her store and sharing a bit of its magic with us.