Welcoming Spring

Welcoming Spring

Welcoming Spring

The cold has finally gone, so now it’s time to welcome in the blooming flowers and the cutest brunch dates. Spring has sprung for us! Get ready to relax in nature with the beautiful florals and the bird’s melodies. We hope this season is a good one for you.

Spring Cleaning

 Time to clear your body and mind by cleaning your personal space! Sort yourself out so that you can spend ample time outside without having to worry about your house. To do a deep clean of your space, we recommend purchasing some boxes and garbage bags. We just know that you’ll have a lot to clean-out. 
Cleaning doesn’t need to be a dreaded task, it’s already quite daunting as it is so why not make it into something you can look forward to? Light your favourite incense, play your favourite playlist and sort out your fave snacks and drinks. Make a day out of it! 
And after you’re done with this process, you’ll feel lighter inside and out. A clean space is always good for your overall mental health.

Freshen Up Those Flowers

 What could be more spring-like than adorning your amazing homely abode with fresh flowers? Choose your favourite flowers and place them in your favourite vase or try out purchasing a plant and see how it can blossom in your house. 

Clear Your Mind

 Been wanting to start that journal or meditation for a while? Now is the best time to begin. Purchase your new journal and clear your mind, practice mindfulness and just watch yourself transform into a happier individual. Taking a bit of time out for yourself is crucial in this day and age. 

Catch Up With Loved Ones

After a bit of self-love it’s time to catch up with your friends and family. Make sure they’re doing well too, and if they’re not maybe it’s time to have a catch-up with them. We guarantee that your spring will feel better if all of your loved ones are happy too.