What’s In Your Stars? Your Horoscope Reading

What’s In Your Stars? Your Horoscope Reading

What’s In Your Stars? Your Horoscope Reading


We love your chaotic and fierce nature but this season, because Mercury is in retrograde, we recommend grounding yourself and making sure that you keep yourself in check. Not to fear though! As Jupiter moves into your realm, you’ll find yourself enveloped in a renewed sense of confidence as you let go of past grudges and grievances thanks to the full moon eclipse coming soon. 


Be cautious of your financial state as Mercury casts its retrograde upon your life. Sit down and have a rethink of what your current financial priorities are in life at the moment, as well as what your real values are currently. Retain your excess optimism during this season, because we sense a period of change within your relationships coming up soon.


You’ve always been a person that has many sides to you, so this time around it’s time for you to reconsider who you want to be and who you currently are. You may feel like you’ve been drifting but with Mercury in your corner, it’s time to ground yourself. Let the universe take charge, and accept what comes your way - it's all for a reason. 


Feeling like your emotions are all over the place recently? That’s completely fine, don’t let the entrance of Mercury scare you because Jupiter has your back. Jupiter will influence your power and you’ll find yourself making moves in your career. The full moon will be a catalyst and help you decide what you value more; work or your romantic relationships. Choose wisely! 


Feel like that meet-up with your closest few just isn’t working out? Your dreams and aspirations just aren’t lining up? It’s time to regroup and plan out your future, and engage in open conversation with your loved ones - life gets busy around this time. With Jupiter in your field, you’ll find yourself more confident to make life-changing decisions that will help you make the final leap to achieve what you TRULY desire. 


You pride yourself on being amazingly detail-oriented, but this season you may make more mistakes than usual. Try your best to keep your head straight, and don't get worn down by these actions. We also recommend shying away, for now, from your blunt way of stating your opinion as this may cause unnecessary misunderstandings. 


Mercury may confuse your mind this time around, so we recommend taking a step back from big commitments like travel or work projects. Get your affairs in order and focus on working on your personal connections. It has been a busy season, so it's important to make time for your loved ones and let yourself have fun. 


This season will provide some clarity on who to keep or remove from your life, listen to the signs and start acting. Start working hard to better your inner and outer wellbeing by working on your daily routines and way of thinking about certain issues. The little things have the biggest impact, so don’t take your daily doings for granted. 


Find yourself, get more in touch with your sensual side and watch your romantic life come to full flame. Just remember to not get too carried away with romantic love, and keep logic in your field. Keep working on your day-to-day improvements like your physical health and your mental health. Take care of yourself, and you'll find yourself living your best life! 


A lover of structure, you’re like no other with this quality but it's good to maintain a balance. Dip into your creative side more this season and let your mind run free with ideas. You never know what doors this will open up for you. 


Change is needed in your life at the moment, so try moving or redoing your home or changing up your style. Find a new side to yourself to liven things up. Work on deepening your connections with loved ones and engaging in deep conversations. Undertake journalling too, to further reveal your truest feelings and become clear about your goals.  


Open yourself up to new perspectives and world-views. Staying in an echo chamber of your own values can be comforting but it's time to expand your mind. We are also aware this will be a massive influx of information, so try your best to take breaks from media and stay in tune with yourself. Let the universe direct you.