Work On Yourself; Be Beautiful Inside & Out

Work On Yourself; Be Beautiful Inside & Out

Work On Yourself; Be Beautiful Inside & Out

Change is a beautiful and scary aspect of life, but it is necessary in order to achieve improvement and growth in all areas of our lives. In order to successfully alter yourself you need to work from the inside out. It can seem like a daunting task - have no fear because we’re here to help you on this journey! Have a read of our comprehensive guide on how to truly better yourself.

Look Within

Time to look within yourself and find out your true intentions, your core values, qualities that set you apart and your strengths. These answers will help you cater your new lifestyle to suit your needs and capabilities. For e.g. Do you want to be more productive this year? Then you need to find out if you work better in the morning or night, if coffee helps and what music will keep you stimulated? While it may be tempting to follow guides that are made on a general scale, personalising your goals to your unique self ensures that you actually improve your overall self. For every goal you set, see what realistic steps you can take to successfully achieve them - time to take out your trusty journal! 

Improve Your Overall Well Being

While we love that you’re getting back into exercise and yoga, it’s also important to work on other aspects of your life like your diet and the supplements your body requires to be healthy. Be sure to book an appointment with your dietician to see what will work for you. To start off your inner health journey we recommend taking supplementsconsult with your doctor beforehand:


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and as we age we naturally produce less. Supplementation can assist many roles within the body:
Improve bone & joint health
Muscle & connective tissue repair
Helps fight visible signs of aging
Support hair & nail growth
Gut healing
Aid in hormonal balance
Overall vitality


More than just a greens powder, our bespoke formula also provides organic hemp protein to support heart health and brain function, and cherry fruit extract which is a rich source of antioxidants helping to offset free radical damage.  
Abundant source of vitamins and minerals
Increase energy levels
Boost immunity
Reduce inflammation
Heal the gut
Promote healthy digestion


Kissed Earth Cleanse is a dual action blend of collagen with bentonite clay, probiotics & botanicals in one convenient supplement. For a purifying beauty cleanse from within.
Gut restore & repair
Eliminates toxins & heavy metals
Revitalises skin, hair & nails 
Joint & bone health
Aids in hormonal balance
Overall vitality
Bioavailable – digested & absorbed easily by the body


This versatile powder makes delicious shakes, smoothies and protein balls and it's heat stable, meaning it can be used in your favourite baked recipes as well. 
Bio-fermented organic plant protein
Magnesium for muscle recovery & repair
39% of your daily Iron per serve
Probiotics for digestive balance & gut health
Improves endurance & stamina

Slide Into A Routine

While this is all well and good, it’s important to stick to your goals and new wellness routine. Keep yourself in check by creating to-do lists and saving reminders on your phone, let your loved ones know too so that they can give a nudge in the right direction. Good luck and we can’t wait to see the new and improve you!