Your New Go-To Self Care Routine For Staying In

Your New Go-To Self Care Routine For Staying In

Your New Go-To Self Care Routine For Staying In

Times like this when everyone is in the crunch of working from home, we could use a little TLC, and some well-practiced self-care is the best way to keep your mind and body in check.  If up until now, your definition of a self-care included snacking on all the chocolate in the fridge + a five-hour rerun of Friends, here's your new routine!


In the AM

Wake up early

I know, it the opposite thing of what you want to do since we're all stuck in iso but you gotta keep to a routine! The longer you lie in, the worst you'll feel when you roll out of bed. Set your alarm 30mins before your usual wakeup time so you can have half an hour to yourself. Kick start your day with a hot cuppa on your balcony, stretch in the kitchen while you wait for the kettle to boil. Get out of your pajamas! 


Actually eat a hearty breakfast

Make something that requires a little bit more effort. Have a large bowl of organic porridge topped with sliced kiwi fruit and berries. Enjoy a rich nutrient smoothie bowl and actually sit down to enjoy your first meal of the day. 


Don't crowd your day

Of course, if you're working from home, it's only natural you will want to remain productive. However, don't stress yourself out by trying to do as twice as many tasks now that you're in #wfh. Write a to-do list and have an hour or two for yourself. Personally, we think a midday shower after a lunch-break run is the lushest thing to do when you're on the grind! Or, a fifteen-minute tea break at 4 pm is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. 


In the PM

Stay physically distant, not socially distant

You've spent the day at home. Now's the best time to get socializing. Sure, we're all distancing ourselves physically, but this doesn't mean you should cut contact from your friends entirely. This means fitting in after-work drinks every Wednesday and Friday via Zoom or FaceTime!


Switch off

When we say, 'switch off', we actually mean it. Put your phone to the side and find an hour in the evening to get your face away from the screen. This can include picking up that novel you've been meaning to read all month, fitting in a yoga flow session, or going for a light jog. 


Have a wholesome dinner

Like breakfast, try and make something wholesome for dinner.  If your culinary skills are questionable at best, support your local businesses around you by ordering some well-earned takeaway.

Netflix and chill time

Yeah, you've been waiting for it all day! Might as well have a Netflix binge session in your comfiest of PJs. While you're at it, try the new party feature so you can watch a show with your friends! Just try and go to bed around the 10:30-11pm mark. Your body needs at least 7-7.5 hours of sleep to function properly tomorrow.